Kare TS


KARE TS ensures a high quality fruit setting, and early maturation of the plants. There are two types of KARE TS: Mono and Poly. The product is particularly efficient in the darker coloration and earlier maturation of the plant. It has a direct impact on the quality, color and size of the fruit. When it is administered through the irrigation water or by dripping, it reduces the soil pH, so that any necessary elements could be absorbed by the plant. KARE TS is a leaf and soil irrigation fertilizer with high potassium sulphure content. The potassium is indispensable for the vegetable and fruit metabolism. It plays role in the protein and sugar synthesis to activate the enzymes in photosynthesis. The plants treated with potassium are stronger, and have more resistance to the severe weather conditions and drought. The blossoms get more intense color with the fruit taste, color and resistance being enhanced. KARE TS are used at the growing stage, and in the last term of soil processing.