Fertigel Value


N: 16,5%
P: 16,5%
K: 16,5%

It is a product specially formulated to contain a balanced complex of nitrogen, phosphor and potassium at high rates. Being supported with some trace elements in addition to such compounds of its formulation, FERTIGEL VALUE can be easily applied on any soil ground at any time from plantation to harvest. Should it be regularly used from sowing to harvest, FERTIGEL VALUE completes its duty by moving to the necessary parts of the plant, as its entire content could be absorbed by the plants without need to an excessive energy consumption. In this way, FERTIGEL VALUE assures a balanced nutrition, healthy and strong vegetative growth, healthy rooting, strong blossoming, good quality and high output.

FERTIGEL 25-25-25 W/W % W/V%
Total Nitrogen (N) 16,5 25
Nitrate Nitrogen, NO3 -N 1,6 2,4
Urea Nitrogen, NH2-N 14,9 22,6
Water soluble Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) 16,5 25
Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 16,5 25
Iron (Fe) , Organic Acid Chelated 0,075 0,12
Zinc (Zn), Organic Acid Chelated 0,1 0,16
Manganese (Mn) Organic Acid Chelated 0,065 0,1

Dosage & Applications

Product Foliar Application Drip Irrigation
Grown Trees 2-4 kg. / ha. 5-10 kg. / ha.
Vegetables 2-4 kg. / ha. 2.5-5 kg. / ha.