Kare Tarım

Our journey starts with aminoacid and seaweed extract import at year 2004 continues same excitedly. At the same time we are outwearing our oldstyled “Importer Company” and wearing a new suite “Exporter Company” for the last few years. We increase our determination as we get more happy farmer-happy dealer photos from foreign countries like before what we get from our country. Products that we produced with our “innovator” elements which placed in our main structure, making customers smile in Asia, Europe, Africa and nowadays Latin America. What else an engineer who loves his job and his team wants more.

We see the results after we done exports our products has same standarts which can compete with our competetors in Europe and America. Than we put a target and said that; no reason a Turkish Company have international success.

You will see part of our products in our portfolio when you will change the pages, when you are doing this, don’t know a few more products added after approval of our R&D and technical team or maybe some other products can take part in this pages which you have in your mind in spite of we can manufacture. The best thing to do is being close and be in contact. Have a good health, fertile harvest, generous money, less trouble.

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Kare Tarim is in Taiwan & Thailand

Kare Tarim going to Taiwan and Thailand Farmers . Our target is all ower the World Farmers .

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