Contents w/w%
Total nitrogen (N) 5
Ammonium nitrogen (NH4) 5
Phosphor pentoxide (P2O5) 26
Iron soluble in water (Fe) 3
Zinc soluble in water (Zn) 8
Ph 2 - 4

ETHYMOL enhances the rooting thanks to its high phosphor content. The phosphor is indispensable for the blossoming biology, seed formation, energy transfer (ATP), and gene transfer (DNA), etc. It increases the plant strength against diseases, and ensures a homogenous development of the product. It also prevent the calcination and clogging in the irrigation system. It heals the damage injuries on plant roots, and improves the soil structure in the plant root section.
ETHYMOL accelerates the chemical reactions in soil, and so facilitates it for the plant to absorb the nutrients in soil. The rapid development of root system after treatment of the diseases arising out in the plant roots results in the less product loss. It ensures absorption of the phosphor that could not be absorbed in the alkali and/or cold soil.
It prevent the bruising (anthociyanin) of leaves in cold seasons. It supports the plant cell formation.
It enhances the root development in the fruit maturation term.
It provides the necessary energy to the plant at any term of vegetation. Thanks to its microelement content specially adjusted for blossoming, a considerable increase is observed in the number of blossoms after the administration of Ethymol.

Open field vegetable Fruit setting 200gr/100lt su
Vineyard Fruit setting 200gr/100lt su
Fruit trees Fruit setting 200gr/100lt su
Cotton-Maize Post-blossoming 200gr/100lt su
Potato-Sugar Beet Tuberculation 200gr/100lt su
Strawberry Vegetation 200gr/100lt su
Seracılık Vegetation 200gr/100lt su