Contents w/w%
Total nitrogen (N) 3
Urea nitrogen (NH2-N) 3
Potassium oxide soluble in water (K2O) 30

K-JET is a liquid fertilizer that has a high potassium content, and can be applied by soil and on leaves by means of any irrigation systems. The potassium plays an important role in the protein and sugar synthesis to activate the enzymes in photosynthesis. The plants treated with potassium are stronger, and have more resistance to the severe weather conditions and drought. The blossoms get more intense color with the fruit taste, color and resistance being enhanced.

Indication and method of use
Open field vegetables Meyve oluşumunda 150-200gr/100lt su
Vineyard Meyve oluşumunda 150-200gr/100lt su
Fruit trees Meyve oluşumda 150-200gr/100lt su
Cotton-Maize Çiçeklenme sonrası 150-200gr/100lt su
Potato-sugar beet Yumru oluşumunda 150-200gr/100lt su
Strawberry Vejetasyon süresinde 150-200gr/100lt su
Greenhouse Vejetasyon döneminde 150-200gr/100lt su