Kalsibor Plus


Contents w/w%
Calcium oxide soluble in water (CaO) 15
Boron soluble in water (B) 0,1

KALSIBOR PLUS is used to provide the boron support to, and eliminate the calcium deficiency in the plants. It contains the calcium that is commonly needed by all the plants. It has a formulation that could be easily absorbed without damaging the plant cell wall. It is completely dissolved at high ratios. In addition to the calcium, it contains the Boron element that is of high importance for the plant. The boron is related with the plant protein synthesis. It takes role in formation and conveyance of the carbohydrates, and helps the conveyance and positioning of the calcium. It affects the blossoming and fruit setting. It is necessary for the pollination and hormonal synthesis. It is rapidly and easily absorbed by the plant. It strengthens the fruit and plant tissues. The plant gets stronger against the physical processes. It is efficient in storage, transportation and shelf life.

Vegetables 3-4 repeats 500-700 ml/da or 250-400 ml/100lt
Fruit trees 4-5 repeats in fruit setting 250-400ml/100lt
Open field crops Repeats in 2 week intervals 200-300ml/100lt