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Total nitrogen (N) 8
Nitrate nitrogen (NO3) 8
Calcium oxide soluble in water (CaO) 15
Boron soluble in water (B) 0,3

Caboron is commonly used to eliminate the calcium deficiency by leaf application after fruit setting. Caboron contains no chlorine. It has such a formulation that it could be easily absorbed without damaging the plant cell wall. It is highly and completely dissolved. High amounts of calcium take place in the cell wall in addition to the macro elements in the plant tissues. It is, to a great extent, attributable to the calcium bonding parts in cell walls, and the limited passage of calcium in the cytoplasm. The calcium deficiency does not only caused some deformations in the cell wall and tissues, but also results in the lack of strength against fungal diseases. The calcium is one of the elements that are most difficult for the plants to carry. By the way, it contains the boron that is a very important element for the plant. The boron takes role in carrying and placement of the calcium as well. Boron is related to the plant protein synthesis, and takes role in the formation and movement of the carbohydrates. It strengthens the fruit and plant tissues. The plant gets stronger to the physical processes. It is necessary for nucleation, fruit setting, pollen health and pollination. It helps the hormonal formation (particularly auxins). It is effective on the cell division. It is rapidly and easily absorbed by the plant

Open fieldvegetables (tomato, cucumber, eggplant, etc.) Fruitsetting 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU
Grapeyard Fruitsetting 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU
Fruittrees Fruitsetting 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU
Cotton Blossoming 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU
Maize Blossoming 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU
Potato Blossoming 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU
Potato Blossoming 200 ml. / 100 lt. SU