Contents w/w%
Boron soluble in water (B) 2
Molybdenum soluble in water (Mo) 5
Zinc soluble in water (Zn) 10

MOBORCIN is used to correct the problems in pollen formation and pollination. MOBORCIN elongate the stigma tube, so that the problems of pollination are minimized. It ensures an efficient fruit setting and pollination. Its special formulation strengthens the fruit stems to reduce the fruit falls. The fruits treated with MOBORCIN become more colorful, fluffy and healthy.

Indication and method of use

Crop On leaf By drop irrigation Number of application
Vegetables 50-75 200-300 Before germination and after fruit setting
Fruit trees 50-75 200-300 At the beginning of blossoming, at the time of pruning, and after harvest
Industrial plants 50-75 200-300 Upon leaf formation, before blossoming, and if necessary after flower setting.

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