Fertigel Booster


N: 9%
P: 54%
K: 54%

fertigel-boosterIt is a perfect product containing all absorbable forms of Phosphor (P) and Potassium (K) enriched with trace elements. This ideal product could be used in any cases that need no nitrogen (e.g. control of root diseases e.g. fusarium), or where a controlled nitrogen intake is needed. It allows you adjusting the nitrogen type and quantity as you wish in any nutrition program. FERTIGEL BOOSTER enhances the blossoming thanks to its ideal ratios of phosphorus and potassium contents, and prevents and controls the excessive elongation of the plant for various reasons, while it makes the fruits fleshy and resistant to cracking, and increases the lignification to increase the lateral branching, prevents the flower fall and the blind flower formation. It also ensures a standard growth and development of fruits, and encourages the coloration for higher yield, and longer storage and shelf lives.

FERTIGEL 9-54-54 W/V%
Total Nitrogen (N) 9
Urea Nitrogen, NH2 -N 9
Water soluble Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5 ) 54
Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 54
Iron (Fe) , Organic Acid Chelated 0,12
Zinc (Zn), Organic Acid Chelated 0,16
Manganese (Mn) Organic Acid Chelated 0,1

Dosage & Applications

Product Foliar Application Drip Irrigation
Grown Trees 2-4 kg. / ha. 5-10 kg. / ha.
Vegetables 2-4 kg. / ha. 2.5-5 kg. / ha.