Fertilizer Active-K

Contents w/w %
Total nitrogen 3
Urea nitrogen (NH2-N) 3
Potassium oxide soluble in water (K2O) 30
Magnesium oxide soluble in water (MgO) 3
Sulphur dioxide soluble in water (SO3) 7,4
Zinc soluble in water 2,2
Ph 9,2

ACTIVE-K is a product that can be activated by mixing with water. It adjusts the salt concentration and osmotic pressure of the tissues to keep the water balance of the plant. It enhances the plant strength against the drought, freezing and salt damage.
It contains special organic acids, and also the active potassium. It helps the activity of many enzymes that are needed for the photosynthesis and respiration.
It improves the product quality, and enhances the color, taste, aroma, hardness, storage resistance and shelf life. It plays role in carrying such leaf formations as protein and carbohydrate into the fruit, so that the fruits become fleshy and of better quality.
Note: Be sure that the tank is not filled with water higher than one half when ACTIVE-K would be added into the tank to prevent overflowing due to foaming.