Ibanad Multi

Ibanad Multi

Contents w/w%
Organic substance 36
Free amino acid 5
Alginic acid 2,4
Ph 3 - 4

IBANAD MULTI is an organic product obtained by a controlled process of fermentation. The special formulation increases the number and length of the capillary roots. It ensures the balance between photosynthesis and respiration, which continuously increases the plant productivity. The seaweed accelerates the chlorophyll formation, and improves and increases the green parts, so that the resultant excessive carbohydrates, proteins, etc. are synthesized. It can be safely applied in any period of the plant development (vegetative growth, blossoming or fruit setting). The healthy root development facilitates the intake of water and nutrients from the soil. It also reduces the blossom falls in fruit trees. It makes the plants stronger to such environmental stress sources as freezing, drought, insufficient sunlight, excessive water, and excessive hot and cold weather.

Indication and method of use

Youngplants 30-50 cc/ da
Otherterms 50-75 cc/da

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