fertilizer Algacare-L

Contents w/w%
Total organic substance 25
Potassium oxide soluble in water (K2O) 5
Alginic acid 0,5
Ph 5-7

AlgaCare-L, the liquid seaweed, has a special formulation that enhances the microbial activity needed for the soil, so that it ensures the plant having a stronger root system to make a maximum possible use of the mineral fertilizers applied onto soil. In this way, it promotes the metabolic activity of the plant, and enhances the blossoming and fruit set, as it contains any necessary elements for blossoming. The plant gains a higher strength to the troublesome conditions and stress. It allows the plant yielding homogenous products.


By dripping on the leaf at the time of application

  • 300 m1/da 150 (100 lt water/g) in the first sowing
  • 300 ml/da 150 (100 lt water/g) in the second sowing 2 weeks later
  • 300 ml/da 150 (100 lt water/g) every 10 days thereafter


  • The application should be performed at the early morning or nightfall.
  • No application would be made in rainy and windy days. It should be preferred to apply in low dosages rather than high dose application.
    Drip watering may be applied too.