Kare Salt

kare salt

Greenhouse Plants: 1-1,5 ml/m2
Ornamentals: 1-1,5 ml/m2
Banana : 1-1,5 ml/m2
Citrus and other fruit trees: 5-15 ml / tree
Strawberry: 1,5-2 ml/m2

KARE SALT has been specially developed for use in soils with salt and sodium salts, and under most severe conditions.
KARE SALT reduces the soil pH, and decomposes the salt for the trace elements to be absorbed. Itscontained organic acids rapidly reduce the pH value. The product spreading over the calcareous layer under the root zone solves the layer to release the phosphate.
Thanks to the chelators, it forms complex compounds with the metal ions in soil, so that the metals become soluble and easily absorbable.
KARE SALT is a special product that contains 5 different organic acids and chelators selected to the purpose.