Full ZNP

Full ZNP

Contents w/w%
Total nitrogen (N) 5
Urea nitrogen (NH2-N) 4
Phosphor pentoxide soluble in water (P2O5) 25
Zinc soluble in water (Zn) 7

No pending registration for the urea nitrogen

FULL ZNP contains nitrogen, phosphor and zinc that could be easily absorbed by the plant systems. FULL ZNP has a special formulation. Thanks to its high phosphor content, the application before and after blossoming improves the blossom quality and rate of pollination. Hence, it yields a higher output and better quality fruit production. Its phosphor content activates the development process of the root system. It triggers the natural defense mechanism of the plant to enhance its strength against diseases. It plays an active role in defense, particularly against the fungal diseases.

Indication and method of use

General 1 lt/ da