Contents w/w %
Total organic substance 28
Free amino acids 5
Organic nitrogen 0,2
Total nitrogen 7,8
Ammonium nitrogen 1,7
Urea nitrogen 5,9
Zinc soluble in water (Zn) 0,1
Iron soluble in water (Fe) 3
Manganese soluble in water (Mn) 1
Boron soluble in water (B) 0,2
Molybdenum soluble in water (Mo) 0,06
Chlorine (Cl) 0,35
Ph 5 - 7

RIZOTOP is a bio-stimulator specially designed to support the root development.
RIZOTOP is a formulation enriched with amino acids and trace elements. It has been specially formulated to improve the growth of immature vegetables and fruits. The rich amino acids contained by it are important factors in the germination and offspring development in the course of cytokinesis of the plants.
It ensures the best fertilization for transfer of the organic nitrogen and nutrients in the form of protein molecules, and their absorption by the immature crops.
RIZOTOP is a physiological catalyst with enriched nutrients, and induce the fruit and vegetable growth with the ultimate goal of optimization of the plant and photosynthetic activity.
RIZOTOP liquid organo-mineral fertilizer:

  • Meets the organic substance need of crop and soil
  • Induces a more efficient photosynthesis in the plant
  • Facilitates the intake of macro and micro elements
  • Supports the physiological structure through its natural amino acid contents
  • Improves the development of the main and supplementary roots of the plants
  • Increases resistance to the stress and temperature changes.

Indication and method of use

ml/100 lt water
Tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon, watermelon, lettuce, etc. 200–300 ml/1000 m2 3–4 75 - 100
Strawberry, cauliflower, lettuce, artichoke 200 ml 3 75
Oranges 10-15 ml/tree 3 100
Fruit trees (hard kernel) 10-15 ml/tree 3 100
Banana 500 ml/1000 m2 3 200
Potato 200 ml/1000 m2 3 75 – 100
Vineyard 150 ml/1000 m2 4 50 – 75
Floriculture 0.5 ml / bitki / plant 3 50 – 75
Nursery 200-300 ml/1000 m2 2 75 - 100


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