S-Care Zipak


ZiPaKmeets satisfies the need of your plants with its high contents of phosphor and zinc. Thanks to its special formula supported by high technology, it is rapidly absorbed and used by the plant. The absorbed phosphor provides and enhances the balance of nutrition. It enhances the blossoming and pollination, resulting in a higher output. By the way, it prevents any possible defects and deformations associated with the zinc deficiency. It induces the plant growth, and protects the plant against diseases.
ZiPaKactivates the natural defense mechanism of the plant, and makes it more resistant to the diseases. It plays role in defense, particularly against the fungal diseases.
ZiPaKis a very strong source of phosphor. Its application before and after blossoming enhances the blossom quality and rate of pollination. Hence, it increases the output, and ensures a quality fruit growth.
ZiPaKis the moss ideal solution for the plant to perform its vital functions thanks to its contained phosphor, zinc and potassium. By the way, it has been enriched with micro nutrients as well as vitamins and enzymes that may be needed by the plant.