S-Care Harvester

s-care-harvesterIt induces the plants to blossom, and helps the maximum flower setting after blossoming, so that the time of keeping the female crest humid is elongated, resulting in a longer time of pollination. It increases the rate of storage in the plant storage organs. It eliminates the deficits of trace elements.
The boron contributes to the blossoming and fruit setting and formation, while it keeps the pollens surviving. It improves the cell membrane strength to make the plants more resistant. Its deficiency results in the reduced blossoming, seed and fruit setting, and deaths in the growing points.
The zinc is necessary for the activities of the hormones that induce the chlorophyll formation and development in plants. It takes roles in the water intake and use by the plant. Excessive phosphor fertilization and the soils of high potassium content and calcareous soils cause the zinc deficiency, which in turn results in the retarded plant growth, reduced leaf length and deformed leaves, and naturally the reduction in the fruit size and growth.