S-Care Alga

s-care-algaA completely new technology has been used in this product compared the other products, as it brings a special point of view into the seaweed. A. nodosum seaweeds harvested in the North Sea have not beensubjected to heavy chemical reactions and heat treatments, but the ZirgoGEN technology has been used to polish the cell walls to release the natural phytohormones and alginic acid in the magnificent nature of the seaweed, so that the product has been jellified.

It is a product that could be safely used at any period of the plant, i.e. root ing, blossoming, fruit setting and homogenous maturation, and it is suitable for any application (drip irrigation and leaf wetting) from the seedling period to the harvest time thanks to its natural contents and high alginic acid ratio.

NOTE: In the production S-CARE ALFA has not been used such products as food grade sodium alginate, potassium alginate etc. Furthermore, no KOH (potassium hydroxide) or any acid is used in production. Therefore, it contains no K2O, and the product has a pH value of 4-6, and contains all the natural contents of seaweed.
The application dosage is 100 gr/100 lt water and 250-300 gr/da in leaf application and through drip irrigation respectively. Please contact with your engineer for the appropriate dose increase under excessive stress conditions.